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Scientific Communication Course for Researchers

Course in Impact and visibility

Scientific Communication Course for Researchers

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Upskill A scholarly learning platform with the largest collection of researcher-focused programs developed by top academic experts.

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Get practical tips, expert advice and key strategies to improve your writing, focus your communication to serve a specific purpose, and refine your work for a niche audience.

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What you learn

The importance and purpose of scientific writing

The different audiences for scientific research

Identify the types and styles of scientific writing

The obligations of professional scientific writing


Besides writing a thesis, all researchers are obligated to regularly communicate and share their work with others. Whether it is for review or to get published or for dissemination of information, being able to write well is an essential skill for researchers. But not all writing is the same? Experts say scientific writing needs to differ depending on who your target reader is, and your content and style will need to change to ensure you communicate effectively.

This well-structured and optimally paced program will help you understand the right audience and the specific purpose for your scientific writing. It will also teach you about the different writing styles suited for different audiences and help with context building. This course will also provide you with expert tips on how to refine the quality of your writing to create a favorable impression with your readers.

Course Narrator:

Harold Swindall, Academic Trainer Hal Swindall holds a master's in English and a PhD in comparative literature. For 25 years, he has taught, edited, and researched in East Asia besides scholarly visits to Europe. Presently he works as an English teacher trainer at the University of Malaya in Malaysia, mainly teaching academic writing and research to graduates and supervising TESL theses. Hal has also designed and conducted English academic writing workshops for non-native English speakers, and is performing mixed-method research in this area. Besides all that, he has 25 years of experience in a variety of editing and has helped many scholars publish in major journals. He believes in giving every aspiring researcher the attention and help they need to realize their goals. Hal's languages include French and Italian, besides Chinese, and he has published on such wide-ranging topics as Buddhist art and Chinese poetry, but his dissertation research was on late nineteenth-century artistic prose.

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A scholarly learning platform with the largest collection of researcher-focused programs developed by top academic experts.

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Part of Cactus Communications’ R ecosystem of tools and solutions for researchers, Upskill is a learning platform that comprises of the largest collection of researcher-focused programs, developed by top academic experts. Learn anytime, anywhere with bite-sized online programs on research writing, journal publication, career development, science communication, funding, researcher wellness, and…

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