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A few of them include

Instructor 1

David Eagleman
Neuroscientist and author, with 100+ published papers

Instructor 2

Jo Roislien
Professor of Medical Statistics, University of Stavanger, Norway

Instructor 3

Jonas Ranstam
Medical statistician and award-winning peer reviewer

Instructor 4

Emma Williams
Career coach, consultant, and founder of EJW Solutions


Get inspired by science legends!

Essential thinking strategies for researchers with David Eagleman.

Celebrated neuroscientist and bestselling author shares proven strategies to uncover creativity for research and publishing success

David Eagleman

Completion certificates

Get your skills noticed on your next funding or tenure application

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Upskill Membership

100+ expert curated courses for all essential researcher skills

Completion certificates to add value to your resume

Researcher courses by current and ex-researchers

Live Masterclasses, one-to-one coaching, micro-module lesson formats

Self-paced, learn anytime, anywhere

Charges are just $16.58 - $49 per month or $199 per year


Other Resources

Individual online courses or physical textbooks

$5 - $10 per course/ books X 80 = $400 - $800

Free content on YouTube and other sites

Difficult to tell if it covers everything

Quality and authenticity can be an issue

Too much information to choose from

You spend a lot more time searching and verifying

Online learning platforms

Coursera: Pay per certification. Coursera PLUS $399-$499 per year

Future Learn: Unlimited $259 per year

Nature Masterclass: Lab/ department/ institution membership only ~$2,700+

Save time+Save money
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Kengo Morohashi - Customer Testimonial Upskill

Kengo Morohashi, PhD

Visiting Associate Professor Michigan State University, Tokyo University of Science

Well organized, affordable courses for scientists Despite tremendous amounts of online courses on internet, those focusing on academic careers for scientists are not many. Upskill’s well-organized courses (and affordable!) are exactly for the people who want to boost their abilities for engaging public benefits via science.

Zubeta Moledi

Zubeta Moledi

Optometrist and PhD Candidate, South Africa

I thought I knew how to write until I subscribed The classes were so helpful, and it was only then I understood why I didn't pass in the first place. I appreciated that I could back and look at the recordings in case I didn't understand something.

Ikkena Alban - Customer Testimonial Upskill

Ikenna Alban

Doctor, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital

My proficiency in manuscript writing improved so much I had beautiful ideas in my head but lacked the capability of effectively transcribing them into writing. I subscribed to the manuscript writing course. By the time I received the last mail, I realised my proficiency in manuscript writing has improved so much.

Arneil G. Gabriel - Customer Feedback Upskill

Arneil G. Gabriel

Tenured Professor, Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology

I was able to publish more than 10 papers Your daily tips helped me in improving my research writing skills… I was able to publish more than 10 papers in most Thomson and Reuters and a few Scopus Indexed Journals.

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