How to develop an effective research communication strategy?

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How to develop an effective research communication strategy?

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Sharang KolwalkarScience Communicator, BELS Member and Managing Editor, Impact Science

Sharang Kolwalkar - R Upskill Training Instructor Profile Image Sharang Kolwalkar

Learn how to use enhanced content formats like infographics and videos to boost your publication outreach by following expert tips, strategies, and ideas illustrated with examples from top publishers in this video course.

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What you learn

The meaning and significance of research communication

The critical role of social media in research dissemination

Science communication objectives for publishers and societies

Altmetric – How it is used and why it is important

How researchers benefit from non-traditional content formats

REF 2021 and the growing importance of science communication

How infographics and video summaries are used to generate impact

How scientific press releases maximize outreach for researchers and publishers

What science podcasts are and why they are effective

How to use blogging and social media posts to boost research visibility


If a scientist communicates their science and no one understands it, has it been communicated at all? As a researcher, it no longer enough to just get published, it is equally important to increase the visibility of your research beyond the journal, so that more and more people know about you and your work. On the other hand, as a publisher, you are expected to establish a global reputation and attract excellent research submissions by showcasing key findings and top researcher profiles. Wouldn’t it then be great to know how you can achieve these goals by communicating your research most effectively?

This short video course introduces you to one of the trending topics of discussion in scholarly publishing – research popularization. You will learn how to transform your research article into compelling audio and visual formats that tell a story, which in turn, helps you boost your publication outreach and build a strong online presence. The program will give you an overview of different formats, such as podcasts, blogs, news alerts, press releases, videos, and other multimedia formats, and explains how you can use them to popularize your research among a larger audience. Through interesting case studies, you will also understand how leading institutions, organizations, and publishers are increasingly tapping newer formats and digital science channels to communicate published research and strengthen their brand value. By the end of this course, you will have explored a range of non-traditional content formats and channels for dissemination, and garnered some great ideas and tips to devise your very own research communication strategy!

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Sharang Kolwalkar - R Upskill Training Instructor

Sharang Kolwalkar

Science Communicator, BELS Member and Managing Editor, Impact Science

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Sharang Kolwalkar is a research communicator, who has helped numerous non-native researchers communicate their science effectively. A BELS-certified editor, he has rich experience in training editors and equipping them with the essential skills and expertise required to collaborate with other researchers globally. As Managing Editor at Impact Science, Sharang develops strategies for the media…

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