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How To Handle Trademarks And Copyrights In Research

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How To Handle Trademarks And Copyrights In Research

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Understand the fundamentals of how to protect your research and ways to avoid accidental copyright infringement with detailed instructions, practical tips, and other online resources.

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What you learn

Understanding Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Important differences between trade names and generic names

Guidelines for using trade names in scientific writing

Understanding the use and significance of copyrights

How to copyright your research publication

Permissions for fair use of copyrighted material


Copyright infringement is a serious issue. Although such disputes are sometimes resolved through direct negotiation, they can involve legal notices or other forms of litigation or punishment in extreme cases. This makes it essential to avoid any accidental infringement in order to protect your work, however, not everyone understands or knows how to handle copyrights and trademarks in their research.

Designed for research authors who are starting out or want to know more about the key topic, this essential course helps you understand intellectual property rights. It explains the fundamental principles of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, as well as the protection provided by each. This course also helps you understand, recognize, and respond appropriately to any intellectual property issues that you may encounter during your publication journey.

Course Narrator:

Phillip Schrank, Academic Trainer Phillip Schrank is the Assistant Professor of International Relations at Chosun University in Gwangju. He has published and presented on topics ranging from democratization to alliance theory. He is the recipient of numerous awards and grants, including research grants from Chosun University and a research grant from the US Department of State. Prior to his professorship at Chosun University, Phillip was a senior lecturer at the Korea Military Academy. Phillip has a BA in History and Broad Field Social Sciences, an MA in English Education, and is writing his dissertation for a PhD in International Relations. Phillip has conducted over 70 hours of workshops helping scholars publish in high level international journals

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A scholarly learning platform with the largest collection of researcher-focused programs developed by top academic experts.

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