How To Do Literature Search And Review Effectively?

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How To Do Literature Search And Review Effectively?

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Learn the skills you need to identify and present the context, relevance, and background for your research problem in one of the most critical steps in your publication journey.

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The techniques for evaluating information sources

Methods for drafting a comprehensive literature review

The most effective online search tools and techniques

Top formal and informal channels to obtain information


Your research is part of a wider scientific landscape, where new relevant papers are regularly published in your field. You cannot rule out the possibility that your research topic has already been addressed in a recently published paper. In fact, one of the most frequent reasons for rejection by journals is that the study is a duplication of work that’s already been published. This makes it critical to keep up with published works in your field and use a structured search strategy to ensure you don’t overlook similar publications.

This detailed program explains the step-by-step process of conducting a literature search and drafting a comprehensive review. The course includes quick and useful tips that will explain how to look through citations, formulate top keywords, use reference managers, identify relevant journals, and follow alerts. It also lists the many sources for relevant information and describes online tools and techniques to refine your search. With this course, you will be able to provide the necessary context for your work, highlight its relevance and pave the path for a successful research study.

Course Narrator:

Phillip Schrank, Academic Trainer Phillip Schrank is the Assistant Professor of International Relations at Chosun University in Gwangju. He has published and presented on topics ranging from democratization to alliance theory. He is the recipient of numerous awards and grants, including research grants from Chosun University and a research grant from the US Department of State. Prior to his professorship at Chosun University, Phillip was a senior lecturer at the Korea Military Academy. Phillip has a BA in History and Broad Field Social Sciences, an MA in English Education, and is writing his dissertation for a PhD in International Relations. Phillip has conducted over 70 hours of workshops helping scholars publish in high level international journals.

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Reviews (9)

Wede Seekey Tate

Learning how to use the Boolean and syntax during search gives me idea in modifying search and the use of key and similar words. It was good to learn about the various search engines especially the meta search engine and the web directory which are unfamiliar and less used. Most often, I use search engine. Now I can extend my search using meta search engine and web directory for more useful results. Evaluating internet sources using the CARs and CAFE methods are also very useful. This an eye opener while keeping in mind to use a better and broader lens when conducting literature review to ensure a more credible and refined research.

Do Thi Thy Quyen

The idea is clearly organized

Hemasree Rajasekaran

The curriculum has taken me on the systematic way to do the literature review and evaluate.

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