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How To Become A Peer Reviewer? Fundamental And Advanced Training

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How To Become A Peer Reviewer? Fundamental And Advanced Training

Dr. Jonas Ranstam - R Upskill Training Instructor Profile ImageDr. Jonas Ranstam
Dr. Jo Roislien - R Upskill Training Instructor Profile ImageDr. Jo Roislien
Dr. Jonas Ranstam - R Upskill Training Instructor Profile Image

Dr. Jonas Ranstam

Dr. Jo Roislien - R Upskill Training Instructor Profile Image

Dr. Jo Roislien

Prof. Caven Mcloughlin - R Upskill Training Instructor Profile Image

Prof. Caven Mcloughlin

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The fundamental and advanced peer reviewer training program, suitable for peer reviewers in any subject area is endorsed by Wolters Kluwer and SPIE. The course is co-delivered by prolific and award winning peer reviewers. This program offers a blend of online learning and hands-on peer review experience and is ideal for new and established peer reviewers.

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6 hours


3 Checklists, 13 PDFs

video + text

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Online, On-demand learning

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10 modules

What you learn

An overview of peer reviews and journal publication workflows

Understand skills, qualifications needed to be a great peer reviewer

How to identify focus areas in different sections of a manuscript

Deep dive into the process of conducting a peer review

How to review different types of research manuscripts

Focus areas when reviewing statistical information or methodology in a paper

The right approach to peer review with a mock assignment and detailed evaluation

Tips and extensive feedback from experienced peer reviewers and consultations on course content

Practical strategies to get invited as a peer reviewer by top journals in your field

How to apply learnings to your review projects with checklists and other resources


Peer review is a critical component of the scientific process that helps safeguard the quality, validity authority and rigour of academic work.

This engaging and comprehensive training program will help you with everything you need to know before and during a peer review. Designed with the collective expertise of three accomplished peer reviewers, this is a comprehensive guide for those starting out and a great program for experienced reviewers to polish their skills. With in-depth lectures that cover every aspect of peer review, insightful discussions, expert advice, key learning resources, and regular assessments, this training program will put you firmly on the path to becoming a great peer reviewer!

Being identified as a great peer reviewer adds significant value to your resume and reputation; it equates to being recognized and accepted as an expert in your field by your peers. If you are an early career researcher who wants to be a peer reviewer, or have received your first peer review invitation but don’t know how to get started, this course is perfect for you.

This advanced module in the program also lets you get your peer review assignments evaluated by expert peer reviewers. This unique application based assignment will help you understand the finer nuances of reviewing and focus on areas of improvement.

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LECTURE 1 |Document/Slides

Understanding the peer review process

36 mins

LECTURE 2 |Document/Slides

Do you have what it takes to be a peer reviewer?

36 mins

LECTURE 3 |Document/Slides

You’ve accepted the editor’s invitation, what next?

36 mins

LECTURE 4 |Document/Slides

A deep dive into conducting a peer review

36 mins

LECTURE 5 |Document/Slides

Decision time – recommendations and evaluation

36 mins

LECTURE 6 |Document/Slides

Tying it all up with downloadable templates and more

36 mins

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Instructors (3)

Dr. Jonas Ranstam - R Upskill Training Instructor

Dr. Jonas Ranstam

Medical statistician, award-winning peer reviewer, independent statistical consultant

1 course by this instructor

Dr. Jonas Ranstam is the most prolific peer reviewer in the world and has reviewed as many as 661 papers in a year. In 2016, he was the overall winner of the Sentinels of Science Awards initiated by Publons to recognize the efforts of reviewers. He was also acknowledged as one of the Top Reviewers for 2016 by Publons.

Before retiring from being a full-time academic, Dr. Ranstam was affiliated…

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Dr. Jo Roislien - R Upskill Training Instructor

Dr. Jo Roislien

Science Communicator; Mathematician; Biostatistician; Professor of Medical Statistics at University of Stavanger, Norway

3 courses by this instructor

Jo Røislien is a famous international science communicator who reaches a wide audience by appearing regularly on radio, television, and the printed press. He delivers lectures on the communication of complex topics, knowledge dissemination, and his own research.

He is a Norwegian mathematician, biostatistician, and researcher in medicine, and holds a PhD in geostatistics from the Department of…

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Reviews (9)

Maninder Ahuja

Good discussion about conflicts of interest disclosure which can be six issues, personal, financial, religious ,intellectual, professional or political.It is good idea to highlight the issue of not using information from article submitted and ethical issues of plagiarism or duplication.

Akinwande Akinhanmi

Very useful lessons learnt

Lalitagauri Mandke

Good discussion . Made some points clear.

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