How To Select The Right Journal For Your Research Paper

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How To Select The Right Journal For Your Research Paper

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Learn how to choose a suitable target journal with expert guidance, including practical tips and tools for the journal selection process, from one of the world’s leading publishers.

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What you learn

Using journal directories and indexes to check journal quality

Understanding your target journal’s typical reader

All about impact factor and determining the impact of a journal

Methods for comparing different journals in your field

5 Indicators of journal quality to help you select your target journal

Potential advantages and disadvantages of open access publishing

Understanding journal publication schedules and their frequency

How to identify and avoid a predatory journal or publisher


Choosing the right publication home for your research paper is critical in determining the fate of your manuscript and the success of your publication. However, journal selection can often be confusing and challenging. This interactive course will help you demystify the process with useful tips, checklists, and other practical resources from publication experts at Wiley.

You will learn how to use available tools and methods, including major indexing sites, to help you find a journal that is not only best-suited for your research but is also reliable. You will understand how to identify high-impact journals and shortlist potential target journals in your field. Learn all this and more with interactive videos, fun quizzes for each module, reading resources, and case studies to understand and simplify journal selection.

About the course author:

Gwen Taylor, PhD

Gwen currently works as a Research Instructor at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2001, she was awarded a PhD in Biology by Purdue University, Indiana. Gwen also worked as a Developmental Editor for the Current Protocols journal of life science research methods for over 21 years and was instrumental in developing the Current Protocols scientific education webinar program.

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LECTURE 1 |Video

Module 1: What is it I want to publish?

15 mins

LECTURE 2 |Video

Module 2: Choosing an appropriate journal

30 mins

LECTURE 3 |Video

Module 3: Understanding the target journal’s typical reader

15 mins

LECTURE 4 |Video

Module 4: Journal directories and indexes

20 mins

LECTURE 5 |Video

Module 5: Why publish in high impact journals

15 mins

LECTURE 6 |Video

Module 6: Other methods for comparing journals within a given field

15 mins

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