From research to publication – The essential guide to getting published

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From research to publication – The essential guide to getting published

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Wiley Researcher AcademyCertified microlearning courses for research and publication success

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Learn the importance of communicating your research and documenting your findings with exclusive tips and strategies for publication success by one of the world’s top publishing companies.

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6 hours 30 mins



Certificate on completion

Online, On-demand learning

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23 modules

What you learn

Importance and benefits of publishing primary research findings

Typical structure of a scientific article and its 6 publishing phases

How to identify differences between primary and secondary research

Communicating your research story to a global audience in English

Using the SNIP process to improve your chances of journal acceptance

Research design as well as relevance and scope of your research question

Planning an effective keyword-based literature search and review

Importance and steps to develop a chronogram for your research project

Gantt charts, Kanban board, and other useful project management tools

Methodology, variables, data gathering techniques, data analysis, and more


Researchers convey their findings by publishing them in the form of scientific articles in reputed journals. But the path to getting published can be complicated if not planned well.

In this course, you will learn how to overcome some of the most common challenges authors face while trying to communicate their research. From gathering, interpreting, analyzing, and reproducing data to identifying the potential and limitations of your study, you will learn about the intricacies of the publication process. Throughout this course, you will come across several practical tips and expert strategies to prepare your manuscript for journal submission and maximize your chances at publication success. This engaging course consists of 23 modules, each consisting of an educational video, a module-specific multiple-choice question to check your understanding, and additional resources on the topic.

Course Author(s):

Andrew Moore Andrew Moore has a degree in Biochemistry and doctorate/post-doctorate research experience in Structural Studies and Molecular Biology. He has been the Editor-in-Chief of the journal BioEssays and the Wiley Researcher Academy as well as a Program Manager and Editor at the European Molecular Biology Organization. Currently, as a freelance writer and writing coach, Andrew uses valuable insights gained from over 20 years in academic publishing to coach researchers on how to communicate science more effectively.

Kris Bishop Kris Bishop authored this course when he was a Marketing Manager within Wiley Research. He is currently Associate Director, Product Strategy at Science Magazine/American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Kris is an MBA with more than fourteen years of experience in the publishing industry and a deep understanding of researcher and publisher challenges in academia. Through the years, he has also collaborated extensively with researchers and authors, and spent time working on college-level textbooks, monographs, trade publications, and scientific research journals.

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LECTURE 1 |Video

Module 1: Why write and publish?

15 mins

LECTURE 2 |Video

Module 2: If it is not documented, it does not exist

15 mins

LECTURE 3 |Video

Module 3: Benefits of publishing your work

10 mins

LECTURE 4 |Video

Module 4: Primary and secondary research

15 mins

LECTURE 5 |Video

Module 5: English as the lingua franca of global scientific research

15 mins

LECTURE 6 |Video

Module 6: Selling your paper to the editor, the reviewers and readers

10 mins

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Wiley Researcher Academy - R Upskill Training Instructor

Wiley Researcher Academy

Certified microlearning courses for research and publication success

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Are you an early career researcher seeking to improve your research writing skills? Are you an established researcher who wants to better understand the scholarly publishing landscape? Wiley Researcher Academy has the tools you need to navigate the publishing process and increase your chances of achieving a successful publishing outcome.

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