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How To Handle & Respond To Peer Review Comments?

Course in Journal Publication

How To Handle & Respond To Peer Review Comments?

Sneha Kulkarni - R Upskill Training Instructor Profile Image

Sneha KulkarniEditor-in-Chief, Editage Insights; Publication Coach

Sneha Kulkarni - R Upskill Training Instructor Profile Image Sneha Kulkarni

Learn how to navigate this critical stage in the publishing process with short email-based lessons on best practices when responding to peer reviewers for a better shot at acceptance.

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What you learn

How to handle the peer review process with confidence

Tips on tackling complex issues in the journal review

Know how to deal with conflicting peer reviewer comments

Organizing peer reviewer comments to respond effectively


Dealing with the peer review process and addressing reviewer comments can be a daunting task for researchers, as the journal will accept your paper only after you have addressed all peer review comments. These can range from minor language changes to extensive content revisions. This optimally paced micro-learning course, delivered straight to your email inbox, is designed to provide you with tried and tested guidelines to help you navigate through this stressful process and give you a better shot at acceptance.

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The Publication Coach series is a one-of-a-kind course series where short, micro lessons are delivered via email every other day. More than 100,000 learners have benefitted from these courses and found the simple, engaging and bite-sized style extremely empowering. It proves that in just 2-5 mins per day, you can master a new skill with our expert tips and advice that help make learning a habit. The best part, is you can access the emails in your inbox for reference whenever needed. Subscribe to the All Access Pass now to turn this into an interactive course, where you can chat with your publication coach over email.

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LECTURE 1 |Document/Slides

How to organize peer reviewer comments to respond effectively

LECTURE 2 |Document/Slides

How to communicate your views to peer reviewers efficiently

LECTURE 3 |Document/Slides

How to handle occasional complex situations smoothly

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Sneha Kulkarni - R Upskill Training Instructor

Sneha Kulkarni

Editor-in-Chief, Editage Insights; Publication Coach

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Sneha’s interest in the communication of research led her to her current role of developing and designing content for researchers and authors. She publishes articles and creates educational content that provides researchers and authors insights into the latest developments and trends in the publishing industry. She is also passionate about teaching ESL and EFL teaching.

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Julie Senga

What a relieve to communicate with someone who understands what you are going through, it make life a little more better. I appreciate your guidance and I’m sure I will sail through after all, I’m now working on the title and the problem statement. Thank you very much, I will give you feedback on my progress.