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The Fundamentals Of Peer Review And Responding To Reviewer Comments


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Course in Career development,Journal Publication

The Fundamentals Of Peer Review And Responding To Reviewer Comments

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Wiley Researcher AcademyCertified microlearning courses for research and publication success

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Boost your chances of publication success with a comprehensive understanding of peer review and effective communication strategies from experts at one of the world’s leading publishers.

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5 hours 30 mins



Certificate on completion

Online, On-demand learning

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20 modules

What you learn

Current trends and general challenges in peer review

Types of peer review and understanding its pros and cons

9 Principal stages that commonly occur during peer review

The important role played by the editor in peer review

5 Key things a reviewer will look for in your submission

Understanding what are the typical concerns of a reviewer

Factors that help a journal editor arrive at a decision

Common reasons for rejection and how to deal with it

4 Key considerations while responding to reviewer comments

Evaluating reviewer comments and planning responses

Drafting a response letter to help improve chances of success

5 Communication strategies when you’ve received a bad review


The peer review process can be stressful and confusing. Delays in reviews or decision-making, vague comments or major revisions requests, or an unfavorable outcome like rejection can be frustrating for research authors.

This intensive course aims to give authors a comprehensive understanding of the peer review process and equip them with advanced strategies to deal with peer review challenges like responding to reviewer comments. With 20 extensive modules on various aspects of the peer review process, participants get a deep-dive into the world of peer review. Each module consists of an interactive video, a quiz to test your learning, and other reading resources. Get ready to ace your next peer review, stress-free and confidently, by learning from publishing experts at Wiley.

About the course author:

Verity Warne Verity Warne has nearly 20 years of experience as a marketing and communication specialist in the scholarly publication industry. In 2015, Verity was appointed as the Associate Marketing Director at Wiley, where she was responsible for defining and implementing peer reviewer engagement strategy and marketing Wiley’s peer review services. Currently, she is the Head of Communications at Earth Trust.

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LECTURE 1 |Video

Module 1: What is peer review?

15 mins

LECTURE 2 |Video

Module 2: Different types of peer review

30 mins

LECTURE 3 |Video

Module 3: Principle steps in the peer review process

15 mins

LECTURE 4 |Video

Module 4: The role of the journal editor

15 mins

LECTURE 5 |Video

Module 5: Key things that a reviewer should look for

10 mins

LECTURE 6 |Video

Module 6: Use of language

10 mins

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Wiley Researcher Academy - R Upskill Training Instructor

Wiley Researcher Academy

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Are you an early career researcher seeking to improve your research writing skills? Are you an established researcher who wants to better understand the scholarly publishing landscape? Wiley Researcher Academy has the tools you need to navigate the publishing process and increase your chances of achieving a successful publishing outcome.

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