How to Manage Research Data Efficiently

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How to Manage Research Data Efficiently

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Learn how to store, protect, and manage your research data like a pro with handy tips, detailed guidelines, useful tools and resources from one of the industry’s leading publishers.

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4 hours 30 mins



Certificate on completion

Online, On-demand learning

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14 modules

What you learn

Introduction and benefits of open science and open data

How to handle large volumes of data and make it accessible to readers

Understanding data management policies at micro and macro levels

How to preserve and protect data and other intellectual properties

What is metadata and tools used to help generate it

How better data management can improve your reputation and impact

Pros and cons of sharing data on social media and other networking sites

Latest developments, trends, and initiatives in data sharing


The foundation of any good research study is the data collected by a researcher over months or even years. That's why it is essential to protect your valuable data from potential threats it may be exposed to like computer theft, viruses, natural disasters, or even human error.

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of effectively storing and managing research data. You’ll also get a detailed introduction to open science, open data, data repositories, licensing, and data sharing. Among other useful resources, this course includes advanced readings on data management policies and guidelines for data analysis. Designed for all research career levels, this interactive learning program will help you understand how to handle huge data sets, work with metadata, and use special tools to manage your data.

About the course authors

Tim Vines Tim Vines pursued his PhD in evolutionary biology/genetics of hybrid formation from The University of Edinburgh. He has been the Managing Editor and Founder of Axios Review, an independent review service. Before that, he was the Managing Editor of the journal Molecular Ecology. Tim has published papers on science publishing, data archiving, and reproducible science, and is a recipient of the inaugural Award for Achievement or Innovation by the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors. He has worked with the University of British Columbia as a postdoctoral fellow and a visiting scholar for 11 years, and has contributed to the evolutionary adaptive radiation of species. Currently, he is working as a Project Lead at DataSeerAI, a company he founded in 2018.

Fiona Murphy Fiona Murphy is a PhD in English from Oxford University. She has worked in various roles with major publishers such as Random House, Bloomsbury, and Wiley. As a research data and publishing consultant advising institutions, learned societies, and commercial publishing companies, she has written and presented widely on data publishing, open data, and open science. Currently, she is Co-Founder, Partnerships & Community Development at More Brains Consulting Cooperative Ltd.

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LECTURE 1 |Video

Module 1: Open science and open data

20 mins

LECTURE 2 |Video

Module 2:Distinguishing raw data from the results of analysis

15 mins

LECTURE 3 |Video

Module 3: A brief history of the open data movement

20 mins

LECTURE 4 |Video

Module 4: Research data and the preservation of data

15 mins

LECTURE 5 |Video

Module 5: Data protection and intellectual property

15 mins

LECTURE 6 |Video

Module 6: Data formats and metadata

20 mins

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