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How To Write Problem Statement In Research Paper?


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How To Write Problem Statement In Research Paper?

Prof. Henry Bwisa - R Upskill Training Instructor Profile Image

Prof. Henry BwisaChairman (AAIN) & Full Professor of Entrepreneurship (JKUAT)

Prof. Henry Bwisa - R Upskill Training Instructor Profile Image Prof. Henry Bwisa

ADVANCED COURSE: Highlight the research problem and write more persuasively with a downloadable template, detailed examples, instructional video, and more.

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What you learn

The role and importance of a statement of the problem

The structure of a persuasive statement of a problem

What key elements your problem statement should cover

Two approaches to writing a statement of the problem

Learning resources to help write an ideal problem statement

How to quickly assess the efficacy of your problem statement


Are you wondering how to explain the research problem you have chosen to study? Are you struggling to write a persuasive statement of the problem? This carefully structured advanced course by Prof. Henry Bwisa comes with detailed explanations, guidelines, practical tips, insightful comparisons, and an instructional video to provide you with a deep learning experience.

The real-life examples provided with this course will help you understand how to draft an articulate statement of the problem, which perfectly encapsulates the value of your study and forms the foundation of your research. What’s more, you can test your expertise by crafting your own statement of the problem with the help of a handy downloadable template at the end of the final lecture!

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LECTURE 1 |Document/Slides

Let's begin with the basics of statement of the problem!

30 mins

LECTURE 2 |Document/Slides

The main attributes of a good statement of the problem

30 mins

LECTURE 3 |Document/Slides

Tips and guidelines to write a statement of the problem

30 mins

LECTURE 4 |Document/Slides

Let's tie it all together with these key learning resources

30 mins

Instructor (1)

Prof. Henry Bwisa - R Upskill Training Instructor

Prof. Henry Bwisa

Chairman (AAIN) & Full Professor of Entrepreneurship (JKUAT)

1 course by this instructor

With a PhD in Economics and over 30 years of teaching experience, Henry Bwisa is a Full Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in Kenya. His stellar portfolio and more than 30 research collaborations have earned him the title of Chairman of the African Agribusiness Incubators Network (AAIN); he is also Kenya’s permanent representative…

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